Italian Hard Core Porn

Italy is a country that’s quite famous for the beautiful landscape, iconic manmade structures and its delectable cuisine. People often take the Gondola rides in Venice in a bid to experience the laid-back and romantic atmosphere. Italians are often considered passionate lovers. However, the Italian porn or ‘ Porno Italiano‘ industry is almost nonexistent as the country’s law states that production and distribution of porn is banned. Be that as it may, Italy has given the world Rocco Siffredi, the king of xxx hard-core movies.

the king of Italian hard-core pornAs pornography is banned in Italy, people often download or stream porn online. However, sex related items such as toys are openly sold. There are some districts that don’t allow such shops to exist though. Nevertheless, shops that sell sex toys are not so common in the country, making the Italian porn scene pretty much rotating around Rocco Siffredi. Though he filmed much of his movies in the United States of America, Siffredi still feels that Italy needs to develop in terms of porn. He recently started his own University of Porn. The University would teach aspiring actors to “act” in pornographic movies. The institution has gained immense popularity and has many students who seek to become the best pornstars.

Italian models are also quite famous on the internet. There are many porn actresses that have Italian heritage. Natasha Kiss is probably the most popular Italian porn actress. She became famous after revealing that she had a threesome with the then IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Khan. She further intimated that the experience was rather beautiful and sensual. Italian actresses are beautiful and sensual.

Ilona Staller, a famous porn actress is also of Italian descent. The blonde is quite famous for her acting and widely appeared in pornographic movies in the 70’s. Asia D’Argento, a famous Italian pornographic actress also made her appearances in various movies. Most of her movies came out in the early 2000’s. Her movies were centered on the Italian culture- often depicting Italian hard-core porn.

Eva Henger is yet another porn actress who is quite famous in Italy. Although she was born in Hungary, she moved to Italy in 1995 and soon after settling in her new home, she became the girlfriend of Rocco Siffredi and the couple soon married. Eva is quite famous in Italy and she has appeared in various television shows as a guest. She and her husband, Rocco divorced in 2012. While Eva didn’t appear in many porn movies, her striptease performances were famous among Italian men.

Italian women are often applauded for their beauty. Their sensual bodies and mysterious nature always intrigues their male counterparts. Italian pornographic actresses have also changed the stereotypes of the society as most people considered them to be “too dumb” for normal things. However, personalities like Moana Pozzi have proved them otherwise. Italian porn actresses are not only beautiful, but also bold. Actresses like Moana Pozzi and Eva Henger had ditched the Italian hard-core porn scene for commercial cinema and television.

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