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A Paradise For Porn Industries

It is better not to advertise this, but the facts speak for themselves. The world’s largest porn company offices and films for adults are shooting daily and they are located in Prague.

Furthermore, a famous porn congress.“ The European Summit” is held annually here and there are thousands of IT-specialists who maintain porn sites. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, in Prague and Budapest they started to gather movie directors for adult films. During the ’90s, erotic films in Hungary calculated to be about 1% of the national income.

Cooperation between Prague and Budapest in the porn industry has reached enormous success and has become the world’s second largest centre after California. Prague is superior to Budapest for two main parameters: here there are more professional IT-specialists and secondly girls are often nicer here than in Hungary, but more importantly, the girls here are more willing to agree to erotic photography.
Prague is also the new capital of the porn business because the most popular web portal for adult movies Xvideos is located in the here along with the offices of Pornhub and Beeg.

A Paradise For Porn IndustriesEvery year, Prague hosts “The European Summit”, one of the largest in the world. The event attracts leading producers of porn movies and representatives of the genre.

Just a quick recall: for the filming of public sex in the streets of Prague, you can face a fine of 5,000 CZK, which, of course, is an immaterial amount for the porn industry.

In the wake of democratisation both Hungary and the Czech Republic have seen the X-rated film industry become firmly established in their societies. An examination of two countries where the pornography industry flourishes: from the gay porn’s golden age to harsh conditions for women workers

Consider what Budapest has apparently become through engaging in the process of democratic transition. As a direct consequence of the exit of communism, the new constitution legalises pornography. Plunged into a much more liberal society, the people of Hungary are certainly not prudes, and their politicians are nobody’s fools. Many see the porn business as an unprecedented economic opportunity.

Productions have also hit upon a gap in the new financial market. This, and the very low cost of manufacturing in Hungary, has drawn quite a few cameras to the Hungarian capital. Moreover, the low-cost dimension of Hungarian porn inevitably results in a lack of resources in production. Much like B movies, the films are laid on with a trowel, characterized by a rotten soundtrack and with lighting worthy of the days of the Lumière brothers. Regardless, the Hungarian porn industry boasts a labor force highly appreciated abroad. Without even mentioning the physiques of young Hungarian women, it is known that their open-mindedness towards sex is particularly appreciated by porn film producers.

The problems met by the porn industry in Budapest were sufficiently important for the Czech Republic to become one of the new strongholds of the genre. Prague now is what Budapest was a decade ago: the promised land. Production costs are low, laws governing pornography are liberal and there are an abundance of beautiful young girls ready to give in to all the whims and follies of producers in order to enter and remain in the business. According to a study by the European parliament, girls receive between 200 and 300 dollars a day with a film requiring approximately five days to shoot. In countries where the economic situation of the population is relatively difficult (the average gross wage in Hungary is 600 euros a month), many girls are tempted to seek their fortune in the capital.

Paradise For Porn IndustriesFor some of these girls, working conditions are terrible. Exploited by casting agencies, the porn actresses must sometimes shoot for hours scenes that directors always judge ‘unsatisfactory’ – but which they will unscrupulously sell nonetheless. The actresses are not paid for their overtime and receive no percentage in case of the film’s success. This is the darker side of the industry: human trafficking, although they don’t produce it directly actresses help to fuel the phenomenon. There are those who do not hesitate to pose as porn producers, thus luring women to plunge into the depths of prostitution.

Male porn stars enjoy a different status. In Prague, the current economic situation is to a great extent a consequence of the development of gay porn. The city of a hundred steeples has become one of the most important production sites in the word and has no fewer than fifteen studios dedicated to gay porn films. These men, who are all straight and they insist on that – have found an easy way to make money while unemployment has doubled in the Czech Republic since 2008. Some have girlfriends, others are married, but the reason they turn to gay pornography is simple: they can earn three, five or even eight times more by turning out gay porn scenes. It is hard to determine exact figures. However, we know that the gay porn industry generates between 10 and 12 billion dollars of that made by the entire porn activity in the Czech Republic. So, nearly half.

At any rate, having relocated the porn business is settling down yet more deeply into the economies of eastern Europe. It’s a business which plays by market rules- taking advantage of low-cost production to thrive. It also exploits the misfortune of a lot of young actresses to increase its activity. So now we may ask, after Hungary and the Czech Republic, who’s next?